On 15th April 1989, many thousands of Liverpool fans went to Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield, South Yorkshire to watch their team play Nottingham Forest in the semi-final of the FA Cup. Ninety-six of those fans tragically never came home. We have listed several books that explain the horrors of Hillsborough below. 

Also, see our sections on the Memorial 2012 and Fight For Justice.

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The date 12th September 2012 will be a historic date for all Liverpool fans as the Justice For The 96 campaign moved a huge step further forward as The Truth of what happened on that fateful day 23 years ago finally became known. The search for the truth has been relentless and now that the full scale of the cover up is known, those who hid the truth for all those years will now rightfully face the full scales of justice. All Liverpool fans knew what really happened but the scale of the lies and the deceipt has been quite incredible. Justice For The 96!! YNWA!!