Liverpool FC Merchandise

As with many other top football clubs, there is such a wide range of Liverpo

ol FC merchandise available. Walk up Walton Breck Road on a match day and you will see the wide variety of Liverpool FC merchandise available from the numerous stalls dotted about. I remember a few years ago when one of our friends that sat by us on The Kop proudly announced that his wife had given birth to a son. The next home game saw us check out the stalls to see what we could buy as an appropriate "welcome to a new Kopite" gift. We found this brilliant "You'll Never Crawl Alone" bib. Sorted. A suitable little, welcome gift and a new generation of Kopite starting out in life the right way all in one.

There are not only the unofficial stalls as mentioned, but of course there is the official club shop beneath The Kop. Most games, the store is absolutely rammed full, with the queues to get in and to get to the tills quite intimidating at times.

Nowadays, football clubs provide a huge range of products. Gone are the days when you could only buy a scarf, or a pennant. Virtually anything and everything can be turned in an LFC crested, Liverpool FC merchandise product now. Pens, baby clothes, watches, replica shirts, retro shirts, wallpaper, bed linen, mugs, car stickers, badges, ties, underwear, casual shirts, books, DVD's, diaries and so and so on.

If you have a fellow Liverpool fan in the family, gifts for birthdays and Christmas are sorted each and every year because the chances of duplicating a gift from one year to the next is virtually impossible.

Needless to say with today's modern technology, gifts can be purchased a lot easier online than having to physically visit the nearest retail outlet. Why jump in the car, find somewhere to park, jostle through crowds when you can get what you want by just clicking a few buttons.

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