Liverpool Greats

Liverpool have produced many, many great players over the years and will no doubt continue to do so. In 2009, Tony Evans from The Times, put together a list of what was felt to be Liverpool's greatest 50 players. Much to talk about and debate no doubt. The list is already out of date because there is a fair chance that Luis Suarez will be appearing on the list anytime soon, if not deserving to already.

Tony Evan's list can be found here 


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How many of the present squad will eventually find themselves included in the Liverpool Greats and heralded in the halls of The Fields Of Anfield Road fame. Certainly Luis Suarez will no doubt be included some day but what about some of the great crop of youngsters now emerging from the Academy and finding their way into the first team. Players like Raheem Sterling, Suso, Andre Wisdom, Samed Yesil to name just four may well find themselves in the exulted company of Liverpool Greats anytime soon.