Memorial Service 2012

The 23rd annual Hillsborough Memorial Service took place, as always, at Anfield on Sunday 15th April 2012. You can read more about it here at: 

Memorial Service as reported by the Daily Mail.

There was more national focus than normal on the build up to this year's service because Alan Davies, a sort-of comedian I believe, took it upon himself to enlighten us as to what Liverpool Football Club should be allowed and should not be allowed to do on the anniversary of the disaster. He also, passed on his DIY bereavement counselling skills for the benefit of all concerned when he let us all know how we should mourn the passing of loved ones.

Quite why Hillsborough is of any interest to Davies and why it bothers him at all why Liverpool do not play on the 15th April is a mystery to all. Sure enough, people are entitled to voice an opinion but in many cases opinions on certain subjects are neither relevant, nor neccessary. To many, such opinions are nothing more than mis-informed, self-serving and an attempt to resurrect a flagging career with some much needed publicity.

My opinion that Davies is an arrogant, unfunny, has-been "comedian" who should really accept that his best days (if he had any) are well and truly behind him are no doubt of no significance to Davies. But there again, that's only my opinion. Why should Davies listen to me though? I wouldn't expect him to listen to me and change his ridiculous hair-style, change his stand-up routine to something that is at least remotely funny and worry more about his own team Arsenal rather than Liverpool. So why does Davies think we really need to hear his thoughts on something that shouldn't be of any interest or concern to him. Only he knows the answer to that.

In response to Davies' strange ramblings, Steve Rotheram MP for Liverpool Walton, has responded to the "would-be comedian" by trying to educate him about what Hillsborough means to the families and to all Liverpool supporters.

You can read Steve Rotheram's response by clicking here

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