The Thoughts Of Bill Shankly

The legend that is Bill Shankly. Much revered by so many in football that remember the great man. He of course is rightly immortalised in the Fields Of Anfield Road song as he is still adored by the hordes of Liverpool fans throughout the world. A humble man, a hard working man, his quotes and his thoughts are legendary. In this section we will take a look at some of his famous quotes and thoughts. 

Here follows the wit and wisdom of our great leader who made the Fields Of Anfield Road great......

Shankly On Scotland 

"It's fantastic. You look down at your dark blue shirt and the wee lion looks up at you and says, 'Get out after those English'

After a wartime England v Scotland international, "We absolutely annihilated England. It was a massacre. We beat them 5-4!!" 

Shankly And Players

Shankly to Tommy Smith, who explained that his bandaged knee was injured, "Take that poof bandage off and what do you mean YOUR knee? That's Liverpool's knee!"

Shankly to the waiting press after signing Ron Yeats, "He's just stepped out of the shower. Come in and see him. Have a walk round him. He's a colossus!"

Shankly to Alan Ball after he signed for arch rivals Everton, "Don't worry Alan. You'll be playing near a great side"

Shankly to Bob Wilson before the 1971 FA Cup Final, "Aye, watch it Bob. It's greasy and treacherous out there. Very difficult for goalkeepers!!"

Shankly after failing to sign a certain player (Lou Macari possibly?), "Och, I only wanted him for the reserves anyway!"

Shankly And Opponents

Shankly to his players on the Belgian champions Anderlecht before the first round of their European Cup tie in 1964/65, "Nae problem lads. They're a load of rubbish"

Shankly to his players after the Anderlecht game, "Well done lads. You've just beaten one of the best teams in Europe"

Shankly after a shock home defeat by Blackpool, "The Football League are not going to believe this one!!"

Shankly to the barber who asked if he wanted 'anything off top' in 1968, "Aye. Everton!!"

Shankly after a rare defeat by Tottenham Hotspur in 1963, "If they hadna scored seven we would 'a won 2-0!!"

Shankly to Jock Stein after the second leg of the Cup Winners Cup Semi-Final against Celtic in 1966, "Jock, d'ye want your share of the gate money - or shall we just return the empties?"

Shankly on Merseyside Football, "There are two great sides in Liverpool. Liverpool and Liverpool reserves!!"

Shankly after the 5-1 defeat to Ajax, European Cup, 1966/67, "We canna play these defensive Continental sides"

As well reading about some of his great quotes, you can watch this short video below to hear a few snippets of what the great man actually said.