We Won It In Madrid

In keeping with tradition, Liverpool fans came up with a new song to celebrate winning Number 6. Number 6, of course, being the 6th time we have been crowned Champions of Europe in it's different guises of the European Cup or the Champions League. Either one means the same thing anyway. Quite simply, Champions of Europe.

Even manager, Jurgen Klopp, joined in the celebrations when he started to sing, "Let's Talk About Six" baby. A nifty little tribute slightly amended from Salt-n-Pepa's, Let's talk About Sex baby."

We won it Madrid however, is more than a little ditty, or a simple chant. It takes you through some of the various stages of Liverpool's Number 6 triumph. Anyway, rather than me explain what it is, why not have a listen to this version below.

One of the many versions of "We Won It In Madrid"